Fernando Seminario - Senior Designer | RaiseWeek Presented by SoFi – Microsite
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About This Project

SoFi created a marketing concept called “RaiseWeek” that included a web experience. The campaign was based around promoting an individual’s value in their career. This called for over a dozen pieces of unique content in various formats from videos to online quizzes. The challenge was structuring the site, creating personas / use cases, and launch within a very short deadline. Adding to the challenge was working with various other departments to coordinate the brand (look and feel) while solving for use cases.

Create a microsite that allows the user to engage with content and prominent design elements allowing them to share. Rapidly move through prototyping and wireframe stage using invision to collaborate with content team.

My Role
Align the look and feel with the creative director and stakeholders. Ensure UX/UI is frictionless and intuitive. Perform developer handoff and collaborate with them throughout the process.


UX / UI Design, Web Design
2017, Invision, Microsite, Responsive, Sketch