Fernando Seminario - Senior Designer | Zipper – Balanced Teams in a Zip (WIP)
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Have you ever joined a team sports match on meetup and had your team beaten to the point you ask, who made the teams? Putting team skill aside as the cause of losing, I asked myself this question and realized a few issues with common team building methods. In my case, only the organizer knew who was skilled and who wasn’t. Therefore if the organizer was busy or someone else made teams, mismatches were likely. Everything was central to the organizer which seems inefficient to me. I decided to create my own scoring system based on player filling out a form with a few questions, at the moment they signed up, and build teams based on data instead. I pitched it to the organizer to do a test run and it worked surprisingly well. There was no more 10-2 or 14-4 games. Almost all the matches after using Zipper were fair.  

Personal Projects
Illustrator, Interactive, InvisionApp, Mobile, Photoshop, Sketch